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ACT vs. SAT - Which test is right for me?

Let me tell you why most students should focus on the ACT.  As many of you know, the public schools in Michigan will be administering the SAT instead of the ACT this year.  Both the SAT and the ACT are offered on many other dates as well.  The colleges and universities in the state have always accepted either the SAT or ACT.  They will continue to accept either.  After the state announced this change several years ago, I talked with admissions directors from many of the schools in the state to determine if this will affect their admissions policies in any way.  They all said it doesn't impact them at all.  They don't care which test they receive from students.

So it comes down to the student's preference.  Most students find the ACT easier.  So I continue to recommend that all students take the ACT.  If it turns out that a student does better on the SAT than the ACT, colleges will look at that score instead.  

I hope that helps.  Take care.

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